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Mountain Contemporary - Rendezvous - Fraser, Colorado 

This 3,200 sf. house is located on a steep side hill lot, the smallest lot in the development. Many people by passed this lot because they thought it was an unbuildable lot. On the positive side, the lot was located next to preserved open space with great southern views to the Continental Divide and the Winter Park Ski Area. There were also unobstructed views to the west and to Byers Peak.


Two simple wings are separated by a central entry hall and stair. To the uphill side is a one-story wing containing the garage, gear/ laundry room and the master suite. To the downhill side of the central entry hall is a two story portion of the house. On the main level is located the great room with an open kitchen, dining and living areas. To the side of this room is located a covered porch containing entertaining and dining spaces. Below the great room is located a family room and two guest bedroom suites.


The exterior of the house is clad in reclaimed lumber, rusted metal siding and stone for minimal maintenance. The contemporary interior has concrete floors, an exposed steel structure, large windows, walnut cabinetry and doors. The stair is modern with open treads and cable railings. Because it is a mountain home, wood vaulted ceiling, large wood rafters and a stone and steel fireplace were incorporated into the design.

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