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Mountain Modern - Rendezvous - Fraser, Colorado

This 5,000 sf. mountain modern house is built on a spectacular, but tight site overlooking the Fraser Valley. The challenge was to gain access to the buildable area of the site, which is located 10 feet above the access road to the north. The southern half of the site is too steep to build on, so it left a small level buildable area.

The house orients to the south with walls of glass to take in the spectacular views of the Continental Divide and the Winter Park Ski Area. The main floor of the house steps back several times to the northwest to open up the view to Byers Peak to the west. The three wings of the main floor are wrapped in metal panels and cantilever over the stone walls of the lower level.

Wing one of the main floor contains the kitchen, pantry and the dining area. Wing two contains the great room with a massive stone fireplace. There is a modern glass and steel stair that cantilevers out from the backside of this stone element. Wing three contains the master bedroom suite and a den. The garage is located to the northeast of the three wings in a fourth wing. It is wrapped in reclaimed wood, as is the northern portions of the house and the areas between the wings on the south side. The juxtaposition of the rustic materials set against the metal panel and glass wings create a beautiful combination.

The lower level contains two bedroom suites, a crafts room, a spa bathroom, a family room with a scotch bar and a wine cellar. On the southwest side of the house at this level is a patio containing a fire pit and a hot tub.

All of the wings are tied together with low pitch roofs and large overhangs to shelter all of the south facing glass. The soffit is a clear hemlock that continues inside as the vaulted ceilings of the house. There are exposed steel beams and columns that support the roof. The main floor of the house has a warm palette of materials that includes; travertine floors, walnut cabinets and doors and tan painted walls. 

Team Members

Steffen Builders West - Construction

Steffen Design Consulting - Interior Design 

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