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Mountain Contemporary - C Lazy U Ranch - Grand County, Colorado

This 3,500 sf. house is located at the historic C Lazy U Ranch in Grand County. The owners wanted a
contemporary house, while the design guidelines called for a traditional western design. Working closely
with the Design Review Committee, we were able to find a solution that made everyone happy.
The layout of the house was organized around the views. The two prominent views were east to the
Continental Divide and the Willow Creek Reservoir and west to the hay meadow at the Ranch. The
house was designed to follow the grade, on the hillside looking north. The garage is located to the south
of the house connected to the house by a mudroom/ bridge. This allows drainage to go west around the

The living room and the surrounding deck is organized to capture the views to the east. The layout of
the kitchen, allows one to also see this view and the fireplace at the same time. The highlight of the
kitchen is the backlit onyx wall. Across from the kitchen is the dining area with a large window and a
built-in refrigerated wine cellar.

A modern staircase and the powder room were located in the middle of the house. The back hall that
leads to the mudroom is also located here. The master suite is located at the west end of the house for
privacy and to capture the view to the hay meadow. The contemporary master bathroom features a free
standing soaking tub set in the corner below windows to take in the view. There is a private deck located
off the master suite.

Downstairs there is a family room and 3 bedroom suites. The two suites for the two sons are located on
one side of the family room and the daughter’s suite and a bunk room is located on the other side. Off
the family room is located a stone patio that has a firepit and a hot tub.

The exterior uses moss rock and reclaimed siding for a rustic western look. The exterior hint of the
modern house within comes from the cable railings and the exposed steel with the large grey stained
rafters. The front door and the garage doors are faced with raw steel panels that match the interior

Team Members

Terra Firma Custom Homes - Construction

JJ Interiors - Interior Design

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